Motivation: Part 2 - Mastery - Take the flow test

by Jimmy 12. August 2013 20:51
Part 2 of the innovation cycle. This time I will talk about the flow and Csikszentmihalyi's flow test. [More]

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by Jimmy 8. August 2013 00:28
Recently, I had a pleasure of speaking about the team motivation in one of our offices. Judging on the discussion that sparked during the talk and some comments afterwards I dare assume that people liked it so I thought I will blog more about it.

This post is the beginning of a series that I will write over the next few weeks. I will bring concepts and ideas that are mostly based on the excellent book by Daniel H. Pink “Drive” but also my own experience and other sources. [More]

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management | motivation

DDD North 2013

by Jimmy 16. July 2013 08:35
Yay! Yet another DDD ( is coming in October. And it’s in my birthday! I’ve just posted two sessions (there may be more). I hope I will get your vote. [More]

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Cloning, inserting and deleting PowerPoint slides using OpenXML SDK

by Jimmy 22. May 2013 16:55
Recently I’ve been fighting a lot with the OpenXML SDK working on some cool data driven presentation engine. One of issues I had was how to clone slides. I did some search and found multiple blogs on how to do it but none of them really worked. Most of them shows you how to clone a simple slide and few how to deal with charts. In my case I had images, drawings, embedded Excell workbooks and charts all together on a single slide. After some time I managed to create an extension method that creates full slide clone. Enjoy. [More]

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Coding | OpenXML

Recording for Pluralsight, what I learnt

by Jimmy 25. April 2013 01:08
A few months ago I finished recording my very first Pluralsight course, which was published early February. The whole recording business took me a few long months but in the end it was good fun. This post captures the whole story and what I've learnt from it. [More]

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The ultimate git bash prompt

by Jimmy 18. April 2013 17:37
I've been playing with the Git bash prompt trying to make it nicer and, let’s be honest here, more fun. After some digging I found one that looks quite cool It needed a few small modifications to make it useful in Windows environment and here is the effect. [More]

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Capturing stats for slow running queries

by Jimmy 11. April 2013 18:35
Recently I had some problems with a query that took a very long time to execute, it took over 20 minutes to do 150 inserts, that's whopping 9-ish seconds per one insert. There was nothing I could see straight away that would shed any light to the problem. The code itself was very simple, just loop through a collection and do insert for each one.

After half a day of tearing my way through unknown land of wait stats, events and complex SQL I finally got my stats. Here is how. [More]

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Coding | Problems

Encrypting .NET configuration file

by Jimmy 9. April 2013 16:10
Did you know that .NET allows encrypting any section of the .config file? It can be either a section within web.config or app.config files or in any of linked files such as confirmit.config etc. A very useful feature if you want to protect passwords or other secret data.

The best of all is that your application will work unaffected if you encrypt configuration file. There is no code change required. You can work in your development environment with plain configuration and encrypt it when released. .NET will decrypt configuration transparently. This functionality is basically provided by the ASP.NET but you can use it outside web environment as well.

Recently I had to do it at work and, as I haven’t done that for ages now, it took me a moment to figure out all bits and bobs. For your entertainment and my memory here is how to do it. [More]

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Reentrancy error when styling DataGrid with dynamic columns

by Jimmy 6. March 2013 22:12
Follow-up to the "DataGrid with dynamic columns post". This time I deal with unexpected reentrancy error when applying binding with a converter. [More]

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Silverlight | WPF | Coding

Dynamic columns in the Silverlight DataGrid

by Jimmy 5. March 2013 01:06
I’ve been working on a Silverlight page that should display a grid. There is nothing exciting in that except the fact that the grid had to have dynamic columns depending on data that is coming to the grid.
In this post I'm showing a very simple (and probably obvious) way of doing that. [More]

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