Speaking about OAuth

by Jimmy 19. June 2012 00:50
The DDD South West premiere of my new talk went quite well. Many thanks to all who attended. The feedback I got was quite good and got some very constructive comments. This post goes through some comments I've got and changes I've made in the talk. Also telling you where you can see it. [More]

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DDD South West OAuth Session

by Jimmy 27. May 2012 16:18
As promised, here is the code from the session. Enjoy. Demo.zip (608.60 kb)

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Speaking about OAuth at DDD South West

by Jimmy 16. April 2012 19:05
I’m delighted to be selected again as one of many speakers for the DDD South West. Many thanks to all who voted my sessions. I hope you will not leave it disappointed.

My plan is to show you how to get rid of your individual password storage and authenticate your user using OAuth with Live ID, Google and Facebook. You will be amazed how simple it is and your users will be amazed how cool you are.

If you have any particular questions you would like me to address please use the comment to let me know.

See you soon!

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Adding Two-Factor Authentication to a ASP.NET MVC Application

by Jimmy 31. August 2011 15:06
The previous post I gave you short explanation on two-factor authentication (2FA) so it's not time to crack some code. This post will show you how to implement 2FA with VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) in a MVC 3 application. We will use a fresh, out of the box, MVC 3 application and extend it with two-factor authentication. [More]

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Two-Factor Authentication

by Jimmy 24. August 2011 16:34
Importance of the two-factor authentication is growing as more and more sites are adopting it to protect it's users. This post is the first of two that will demonstrate how to protect your website with two-factor authentication. [More]

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