Unleash Your Innovation : FedEx Day

by Jimmy 14. December 2011 23:34
The first FedEx day in Symantec.cloud is not the past. Effects were overwhelming and beyond my imagination. I strongly recommend doing that yourself and hopefully this post will help you. It contains our story, my reflections and more. It's generally wall of text I hope you will enjoy. [More]

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Innovation | management | Symantec

FedEx Day in Symantec.cloud

by Jimmy 18. November 2011 23:40
FedEx day is amazing way to unleash innovation in high paced environment, where everyone is to busy to innovate. It started with Atlassian and since then many companies joined the front. It's our turn now. Symantec.cloud is joining leaders and we are starting our FedEx day. This is the first post announcing the intention and showing the idea. More will follow. [More]

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